Featured Adoptable Sleddie – Spetz

Part of the humane mushing movement involves rehabilitating, networking, and rehoming industry sled dogs. Just like retired and rescued greyhounds, Alaskan Huskies make amazing companions when given the opportunity to be included in your life. I’d like to introduce you to one such “sleddie,” as we call them, who is looking for her forever home.


Spetz is a retired sled dog looking for her retirement home. She is a friendly, sociable, and outgoing dog. She already knows some basic obedience such as “sit”. She is an active dog so needs lots of exercise (she loves going for bike rides and hikes) and outings with a guardian. She may be a senior but she’s definitely not slowing down yet. Typical of huskies, she can be a talker and howls so will need a guardian who is ok with that (as well as one who has understanding neighbours). She will require a guardian who can keep her busy so she doesn’t get bored and get herself into trouble. She would make a great partner in adventure.



Spetz likes to be with people so may get anxious when left alone. She will need to get used to spending time alone slowly a few minutes at a time. She may possibly be able to live with another dog though she can be selective of those she likes. She has become friends with a couple young, playful male dogs while at the shelter and is certainly ready to play. Spetz would also do best in a home without young kids though older children (10+) would be likely be fine. The energy level of younger children may be a little overwhelming for her. Spetz is looking for an active guardian who can spend lot of time with her. She has lots of love to give a lucky guardian and will make a loving companion! Spetz can not be in a home with cats or small animals as she does have a unhealthy interest and is prone to chasing.

Her foster mom has this to say:

She is a social gal! She may also be slightly vain, because she responds very well to being told how beautiful she is, and she often stops to admire her reflection! On the flip side, she is not suited to a home where she will be left alone, it just makes her lonely and sad. Retirement shouldn’t be lonely and sad.

She’s no shrinking violet! When she has something she needs to communicate, she looks you in the eye and says it! Her favorite topics of conversation are “Let’s do something fun together!” and “I would love to eat dinner early!”

She is a Lady, and a Senior Lady at that. She has earned her stripes and she believes other Dogs should follow the Lady Spetz Rules of Order. Once another Dog demonstrates their understanding of her rules, things go very well! She is currently fostered with a young male and a female puppy. These younger dogs have adopted her Rules of Order and the three of them live harmoniously – in fact Spetz often initiates playtime. She would likely be very happy to have another dog in her forever home, as long as it was a dog who could understand and adopt her rules. Living with another dog may also help her spend time without her people present.

Spetz is very curious about cats. Maybe a little too curious for most cats to think she’s awesome. Her foster cats do not think she is awesome. They are coexisting (with some human facilitation), so although it is possible, a home without cats would be ideal.

Spunky Lady Spetz loves running, sniffing, exploring, and also loves the car rides that take her to those exciting places! She is very fun to walk and hike with, but she does not need a ton of exercise. She is older and has spent her life working as a sled dog, so now it’s time to take a more relaxed approach to her days.


Spetz is dreaming of her forever home. If you’re interested in her, please e-mail the BC SPCA, visit at 5850 Auto Road SE, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 2X2, call 250-832-7376, or check out her adoption page for more information and photographs.


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