The Downsizing of Krabloonik – Where Are The 50 Dogs?

On October 11, 2016, Krabloonik Mountain Dining & Dogsledding in Snowmass Village, Colorado, posted photos and text on Facebook featuring Dirk, “a retired senior sled dog that found the perfect retired home.” The post continues and mentions the Krabloonik adoption process and the want to get their retired sled dogs into loving homes.


However, Dirk was not a “retired” sled dog who was adopted out by Krabloonik, as is suggested in the post. In reality, Dirk was in horrific shape, and one of the eight dogs seized from Krabloonik by the District Attorney’s office in December of 2013 (, when Danny Phillips was the kennel manager, overseeing the care of the dogs. This is the official photo of Dirk when he was seized from Krabloonik due to lack of care, which led to one of the eight cruelty charges against the former owner (when Phillips was the manager and responsible for Dirk’s care):


After being seized, Dirk spent approximately a year at C.A.R.E. in Glenwood Springs, CO, and was eventually transported to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, to be further rehabilitated and adopted to a woman who sat by his side for many months reading to him, walking him, and gaining his trust. His road to recovery was long, but he had a lot of help from shelter staff and volunteers:

Another dog who Dee has befriended is Dirk. The rescued sled dog didn’t get much socialization in his prior life, making him even more timid than Zena. But Dee is doing her best to help him. For instance, she’s helping him get more comfortable with people by sitting and talking to him in his kennel. When she first started, he tried to intimidate her by barking at her. Dee called his bluff and now the two have become pals. (

How could the Krabloonik owners claim that Dirk is a success story, when he was a seizure in a cruelty case who was rehabilitated and adopted out by entirely different entities and caretakers? And where are the other dogs that have been put up for adoption since Krabloonik claims that they have fewer dogs (with about 50 up for adoption in 2014)? If you have information on any of these dogs, or can confirm that they are safe, please e-mail us at so we can update this blog.

Photography by Uhli Photography:

Photography by Paws in Motion Photography:

Photography by Lara Claassen.




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