UPDATE: Mat-Su Borough Case #A17-002010 Files

For those of you claiming that the photos submitted to PETA of Dallas Seavey’s Willow (barrel photos) and Talkeetna (red house photos) kennel locations were somehow “staged” by the handler, you are wrong. The following photos are directly from the Matanuska-Susitna Borough Animal Control Investigation (Case #A17-002010). These photos were taken by animal control after the Seaveys were given prior notice of their intent to inspect. They show the same exact conditions. If this is how a world-class kennel looks, our sport is in serious trouble. Please sign here and here to help sled dogs get protection under Alaska’s animal cruelty statutes. Conditions like these exist because sled dogs are currently EXEMPT from anti-cruelty legislation in the State of Alaska.




One thought on “UPDATE: Mat-Su Borough Case #A17-002010 Files

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